About Us

Stable Power

Bonli Transformer Co., Ltd. focuses on designing peripheral products for CNC machine tools, along with the development and manufacturing of transformers and oil mist removers. We demand that our products ensure our customers enjoy stable operation and outstanding oil mist removal and recycling for their machines. Bonli has maintained a steady and healthy growth during a time of rapid technological, economical and informational change by staying true to our roots and keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground. Our diligent business management, rapid but reliable manufacturing process, and uncompromising attitude towards quality propel us forward. We spare no attention to detail when providing customer service. Through our efforts, we continue to rise above the rest amidst fierce competition, enjoying rapid growth with each passing day. 

Detailed observation, the acquisition of new global technology developments, and our constant drive to achieve the very best is our unchanging goal. We invest a little more time and effort, more focused management effort, and more concentrated development than others so we are moving forward with each step recouping the benefits of our efforts. So from this new beginning we can be different, demanding the very best from both our people and our products whilst always striving for perfection.

Developing for the Future

At Bonli we focus on the discovering the newest technologies, incorporating the latest changes and striving for the very best at all times. In this we are able to develop product ranges to meet the future demands of our markets and our customers. With our professional development team's in depth knowledge of transformer design and power stability, in depth development skills, and practical engineering experience, we can always deliver the very best product designs for our customers specialist needs.

With the guidance of our expert development team, Bomli is able to develop and deliver a wide range of product styles to the market for client’s specific requirements and new product needs. But we are also always looking at our future product range requirements so that with our in depth industry knowledge we can precisely develop product lines based on the future needs of our clients.


Our Rigorous Business Approach

At Bonli we plan strategically for the long term benefit of our business. Delivering top quality products to the market for our customers is our commitment. Respecting and developing along with our clients, ensuring our attention to each and every detail of the quality of our products.

Quality Certifications